China Sourcing Agency

Source factory direct and enjoy transparent pricing with the security of international quality management.

Please contact your nearest office and let us know how we can assist. Call us in Sydney on +61 2 9375 2450, London on +44 207 562 8329, Johannesburg +27 11 258 8918 or Shanghai on +86 21 3120 3022!

Hiring China Confidential as your international procurement office is the smart way to accelerate your China strategy. Pay your supplier directly while we inspect every shipment for better quality.

Offering a vast purchasing and supply network, our China manufacturing consultancy finds the manufacturers you need to get your product made to standard and within budget. Our clients in manufacturing, construction, agriculture and mining access quality China importing and procurement services to cut costs and reduce risk.

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Our 'Search. Select. Supply.' process delivers quality tested products at real China prices.

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We connect you with the best Chinese manufacturers to make your product to your standards.

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Sydney Office
T: +61 2 9375 2450

London Office
T: +44 207 562 8329

Johannesburg Office
T: +27 11 258 8918

Shanghai Office
T: +86 21 3120 3022

Hear from our clients


so-qI would advise any business that is serious about realising the cost savings on offer to engage China
Steve Richardson, Managing Director, Emrich Industries

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